About Europedrive:

Europe at Leisure PTY (Ltd) T/A Europedrive has been incorporated to offer the renowned buy-back lease programmes of both Renault Eurodrive and Peugeot Open Europe to holiday makers traveling to Europe.

For over 50 years these self-drive car leasing programmes have afforded the opportunity to experience Europe at your own leisure, free from schedules.
For the journey of a lifetime, collect an award-winning vehicle from any of the delivery centers in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Your vehicle is part of a fully inclusive package. Book and pay prior to your departure to enjoy hassle free motoring.

Renault Eurodrive – Peugeot Open Europe Programmes

Who can use these programmes?
What’s included?
How does it work?
Driver’s license
Number of passengers in the vehicle
Traffic regulations
Choose the right car for you.

Who can use these programmes?
Anyone meeting the following criteria:

  • Reside  outside the European Union or in the French overseas territories;
  • Not  exceed 185 consecutive days in Europe in a year;
  • Not be in Europe for business purposes;
  • Be over 18 years of age and had your driving license for more than one year.

    What’s included:
  • Insurance with no excess;
  • 24 hour roadside assistance;
  • Unlimited kilometers;
  • Delivery & return in any of the centers around Europe.

How does it work:

  • Bring your contract at the designated delivery center to collect your vehicle;
  • The new vehicle is registered in the name of the main driver, as per contract.  Only his/her spouse, direct ascendants and descendants can drive the vehicle, provided they meet the same eligibility criteria of the main driver;
  • The car is delivered with 15 liters of fuel. You are not required to fill up before you return the vehicle. You benefit from the manufacturer contractual warranty throughout your trip;
  • You travel with complete peace of mind throughout the authorized countries.  A "turn-key" formula and a no-deductible comprehensive insurance are included to allow you to fully enjoy your stay;
  • In the event of a breakdown, accident,  or theft, you can call Road Assistance 24/7;
  • A green number for the selected manufacturer will be given to you with your documentation.

Infos Europe

Driver’s license
Some countries accept the driver's license of your country. However, most countries require an International driver's license (IDL), used as a legal identification document and in which the information relating to the driver's license is translated into 11 foreign languages. The IDL is used as a supplement to your driver's license and you can obtain it before your departure in any AA service center in your area.

The use of a size and weight adjustable restraint system is mandatory for children under 10 years old (approved seat up to 7 years old, and booster seat between 7 and 10 years old).

Number of passengers in the vehicle
The vehicle’s registration certificate indicates the maximum number of people authorized. For insurance and legal liability purposes, you must comply with it.
Caution: whatever their age, children are always counted as taking up a whole seat.

Traffic regulations
Regulations differ from one country to another and you must observe them. Violations can result in hefty fines. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary information before your departure.

Choose the right car for you.
You are its first driver (no mileage on the odometer, no cigarette odour …). All models come directly from the factory. They are all fully equipped with the last leading edge technological innovations. You therefore benefit from using the latest models and the manufacturer warranty.